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Hi, I bought a Magnum stove a few years ago. I'm finally retired from the military and living in Kentucky full time. We ended up buying the house next door to us and moved there. We had to take apart the stove (still not in use) and move it in the front end loader of the tractor! It made the journey safely and now have it installed and running. It heats the main area of the house fantastically. I have begun to learn to cook on it (and in it) and here are a few pix of my early cooking attempts. I've made fried apples on the top, grilled cheese, and inside, I've re-seasoned some cast iron frying pans and made a batch of chocolate chip cookies. The stove works great and heats up quickly. I'm still getting the hang of converting F to C for the oven, but I have another stove thermometer near that does help.

Cheers, Kathy

Kathy September 9, 2015